Misc. Programs

I’ve decided to dump a bunch of unfinished work and abandoned projects that are nowhere near presentable. Enjoy.

FlashComposer – browser

A program that algorithmically generates music. It’s in an extremely early stage, but I will definitely work on developing it more. Refresh to generate a new song.

Companionship – browser

I started this project to learn Actionscript and some basic platformer programming. The original idea was that you would follow another character to the right, occasionally reaching ledges that are too high for you to scale yourself, prompting the user to press a button that causes the characters to help each other up. You would wake up three different days, where the characters are noticeably each time. Each time you would reach a destination like a park or something equally sappy, until the third time when you arrive in a doctor’s office, where you are prescribed pills. The next day you wake the world is the same as the first level, but the other character is no longer waiting for you at the door, and there is no music. As you continue to the right you encounter the first ledge too tall to jump over. After about ten seconds the game ends. Steven Jones was supposed to make the art assets, but the project was canceled for various reasons. Arrow keys and space.

Unemployment Simulator 2000 – browser

I plan on finishing this game, but here’s a bus schedule you can draw on. Mouse.

Nine-Eleven – browser

A tribute to the tragedy of 2001. Mouse.

Insurgency Console – Win32 console application

An extremely early build of a roguelike I’m developing. The new version no longer runs in the console, and almost all the code in this example has been refactored. Instructions in .zip.

OpenGL Test – Win32 application

The first OpenGL application I wrote to learn about rendering.

ASCIImgGen – Win32 console application

The original ASCII-Palette. Runs in the console, with only 16 colors and a limited window size. Instructions in .zip.


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