The game you’ve all been waiting for – Trash Compactor

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I know I talked to some people about a game that was going to be released. Well, this isn’t it. I’m sorry guys. The actual game is on it’s way, I swear.

In the meantime, I have Trash Compactor, a Tetris-like game developed at Spy Hop Productions.


Give it a look, why don’t you?



This junk is so organized

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All the junk has been sorted into neat little pages. Why don’t you take a look? Or don’t. See if I care. Nerd.

Miscellaneous Refuse

Don’t Steal My Pictures

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I realized some people might steal my pictures so I took the liberty of adding a watermark to my gallery.



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I added a Gallery of random drawing and pictures I’ve made.


oval office custodian

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New game – oval office custodian

Some Videos

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Some videos, bitches.


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Check out the new games tab!
There’s one game.
But there are more to come.